Welcome to the World of Air Plants. Natural decor for the home or office
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Gifts for always

The gifts will be presented in a gift box which is fully recycled card/paper.

The collection has three options.

1.  The Concrete Jungle - carefully selected plants that have been matched to   the handmade concrete pots by 'R'.  3 pots and 3 plants. The pots are as unique as the plants.  

2.  'Love is in the Air' - this is a collection of 5 Air Plants.  A lovely collection which can be displayed together or separately.  Again carefully selected for their shape and size.  All come with name tags and care instructions.

3.  'GEO' - here we have something modern and contemporary with a minimalist look.  There are 3 different geo shaped metal vessels and come complete with air plants.  They can be used individually  or as a group (includes connectors).