About TeenieTings

When I first saw air plants, they immediately captured my attention because their striking sculptural shapes reminded me of adorable alien creatures. Their astounding diversity made me want to collect them all (there are over 600 species) and their unique ability to live without soil sparked intrigue and a slight obsession. I am amazed by their alien like features and how they seem to exist by magic, living on nothing at all. Living in a small flat in a tenement in Edinburgh, where space is precious, these plants offered endless possibilities for having a green oasis without the need for cumbersome pots and carrying heavy bags of soil to the fourth floor!
While living in Oaxaca, Mexico I always envied the women selling flowers in the market, especially beautiful during festive times. It was always a dream, and never thought it could become a possibility til 2014 when TeenieTingsTerrariums was formed. I sell regularly at weekly farmers markets in Edinburgh. I love the markets as it enables you to have close contact with customers.
Air plants are an incredible genus of plants with the ability to live without soil. Their specially adapted leaves absorb water and nutrients from the air, allowing them to live anywhere in nature, including suspended from treetops and bare rock. Found in South America and the southern United States, air plants have an amazing variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. They are able to adapt very quickly to new environments, yes even in Scotland and provide infinite possibilities to present them in quirky and unusual ways. Because they're so versatile, the possibilities are endless. A single suspended air plant is simple and beautiful, but they can also be arranged in any style and in any area. That's why it's so fun to design with air plants — they can bring nature to any space.
I use the word vessels to describe the 'pots' that the Air Plant can be put in/on. Anything works! Edinburgh has amazing talented artists and I strive to collaborate their creations to present the Air Plants. This results in a unique living piece of art. Sometimes i use everyday objects to display the plants. A shape or texture captures my attention and then i look for the perfect air plant to match it.
All the items in my shop are original and time has been spent matching air plant to vessel. All items will come with the name of the plant, its background and care instructions. Browse the shop, enjoy it and hope to speak with you soon.